PSIM class system
ARGUS acquires detailed information from all technical security systems | It provides a current, comprehensive facility security status | It enables immediate response to any irregularities and disturbances to the operation of monitored systems | It maintains full system readiness
Intrusion detection system (IDS), perimeter protection, access control system (ACS), CCTV, fire alarm system (FAS) and other systems
integrated within a single platform of a computer security management system with PSIM-class software
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Which facilities is the PSIM-class ARGUS system intended for?

The PSIM-class (Physical Security Information Management) ARGUS system, depending on its version, can be employed to integrate technical security systems within diverse facilities. From small facilities, such as warehouse depots, building and office complexes, industrial and power facilities, to vast military compounds and crisis centres.

The ARGUS system offers extended functional and configuration options. Its speed and reliability enable applying it in large and scattered facilities of particular significance to national economy and state defence capabilities.

We integrate the following systems

Alarm systems

Access systems

CCTV systems

Fire safety systems

Location systems

BMS (Building Management Systems)

Automation systems and devices

Communication systems and devices

Supply systems

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