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ARGUS is a family of computer supervision and control systems of PSIM class
Physical Security Information Management
Family of systems

ARGUS software integrates, visualises and controls a variety of systems and installations operating in the area of technical security, automation, power industry, communication, etc. in one hardware and software platform.

For all those expecting highly efficient solutions in the security of persons and property

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Computer supervision and control systems of PSIM class

ARGUS system, depending on the version, can be used for the integration of security systems installed in different facilities. This includes: small facilities such as storage facilities, office and other building complexes, industrial and power facilities and extensive military complexes and crisis management centres.

ARGUS system features advanced functional and configuration options. Quick operation and reliability of the system make it a suitable system to be applied in large and distributed facilities of particular importance for the national economy and defence.

We integrate the following systems

Alarm systems

Access systems

CCTV systems

Fire safety systems

Location systems

BMS (Building Management Systems)

Automation systems and devices

Communication systems and devices

Supply systems