We design, develop and implement
computer supervision and control systems

Designing, developing and implementing computer supervision and control systems for various technological installations operating based on their own software makes up a major share of our business activities.


What are the computer supervision and control systems?


They are a wide group of hardware and software IT systems dedicated to the monitoring of the current status of devices, systems, processes and facilities, which underlies an automatic and/or manual control of their components to appropriately respond to current events.

These systems are typically composed of facility devices and computer systems (server and operator panels) with the managing software and the overall communication and supply infrastructure.

data collection and control devices (controllers)

measuring and signalling instruments

CCTV cameras

operating devices


of integrated systems


of proprietary software


of completed projects

Types of supervision and control systems

Computer supervision and control systems include SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) systems used in automation, BMS (Building Management System) systems, management systems of technical devices, processes and many others.

A specific type of a computer supervision and control system are also the security management systems with VMS (Video Management System) and PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) software, which always come with advanced computer hardware, data transmission and supply networks.

Our technological solutions

Our computer supervision and control systems are comprehensively designed and use state of the art solutions in the field of computer science, automation, computer and telecommunications networks and emergency supply devices.

We are experienced in implementing highly advanced IT structures, including e.g. high accessibility multiple node clustered servers with virtual disc matrices.

We use our own management software (ARGUS RV) to develop the aforementioned IT structures. Our software features the functionalities of SCADA, SMS and PSIM and underlies the creation of hierarchical and redundant multiple server structures.

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