Our origins date back to 1987

Our first projects were related to telecommunications, IT and cable tv services.

In 1992 we patented our proprietary computer billing system for analogue telephone exchanges. By 2005 we extended almost 500 telephone exchanges with the billing systems, which we installed for TP S.A., healthcare centres, mining and power industries and hotel management sector.

TPT-Emp and TPT-E systems, developed for public telephone exchanges, won the recognition, along three other products of other manufacturers, as the best domestic products.


of proprietary software


of supervised facilities

Technical devices supervision and control systems

The period from 1993 to 2005 was of particular importance for the growth of our department of Electronic Systems and Automation. Development and implementation of the billing system was the starting point for other, innovative solutions in automation and IT.

We developed, among others, the technical devices supervision and control systems (SNUT and SNAS-2) for radio and television broadcasting devices TP EmiTel.  We implemented our systems in over 80 facilities in Poland.

Since then, we started working on improvements of computer supervision and control systems.

In 1997 we took over the automation lab of „Elektroprojekt” in Poznan. The lab was the pioneer in proposing comprehensive automation of Fuel Station Management System in Rejowiec.

Since then, the firm has been successfully growing. Continuous innovation and the system support services are our priorities.

Our design studio has been also dynamically developing. Its engineers are the mastermind behind the design documentation of extensive telecommunications network with optical fibre trunk lines extended for Telekomunikacja Polska S.A., made in the regions of Wielkopolska, Lubuskie and Zachodniopomorskie (Greater Poland, Lubush, Western Pomerania).

As a result of a dynamic growth and the acquisition of a large market share, the company transformed into a joint stock company in 1995. The quality of the services offered by us is confirmed with relevant certificates: Quality Management Certificate  ISO – 9001:2000 (awarded in 1999) and AQAP 2110:2006 certificate (awarded in 2008).

Having observed the saturation of the telecommunications market, we decided to develop our services in the area of designing and implementing security systems of facilities.

since 1987 we have been fulfilling
the needs of our clients
Integration of technical security devices of PSE S.A. power stations

In February 2000 we received a license from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration to run business operations consisting in property security services (technical security of facilities), and in particular in the area of the installation of electronic devices and alarm systems signalling threats to any protected persons or property items as well as in the area of their operation, maintenance and repairs on site.

At the same time, to ensure the integration option of security systems into one infrastructure platform, our department of Electronic Systems and Automation developed ARGUS system operating with our own, proprietary software. Our innovative solution was honoured by the Business Centre Club and in April 2002 we were awarded a European Medal. Our system was used for the integration of technical security devices working in the power stations operated by Polska Sieć Elektroenergetyczna S.A. (PSE) (state owned transmission system operator in Poland).

Protection division
with a secret office

We made a decision to expand the range of our services with protection of facilities that require the protection of secret information in the meaning of the Law of 22 January 1999, (Journal of Laws no. 11, item 95 as amended.). We set up a special protection division with a secret office.

In January 2003, we were registered in the NATO Codification System and in December 2003 we received the Electromagnetic Protection Certificate for the processing of secret information designated with the “classified” or “strictly classified” mark.

In November 2007 we were awarded with the facility security clearance (FSC) of the 2nd degree, issued by the Department for the Protection of Classified Information of the Internal Security Agency, which authorises us to access national classified information marked as “classified”.

In 2012 we were awarded with  the facility security clearance (FSC) of the 1st degree. This grants us full authorisation to protect and process secret information marked as “classified”. We were also licensed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs to run business operations consisting in manufacturing and marketing products intended for military or police forces.

The rights granted to us enabled us to complete many important projects for military units, mainly in the area of technical security devices, telecommunications networks and supply systems.

Implementation of CNS Device Monitoring System

Another of our major achievements is the implementation of CNS Device Monitoring System in 2009. We implemented this system in 90 facilities owned by the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency, in cooperation with Mikronika, which installed the central control panel supervising the status of radio navigation, radio location and radio communication devices.

The system, which was successfully developed in subsequent years, supervises at present over 130 facilities, from which data is radio transmitted to the Monitoring Centre via satellite and GPRS links of two independent mobile telephony operators.

Our market share in civil aviation

Taking the advantage of the fact that we had already had a share in the civil aviation market, we decided to widen the range of our business operations with designing and developing radio navigation facilities working with DVOR, DME and ILS, PSR and MSSR.

We initially cooperated with an American firm  SELEX ES (presently Leonardo), then with a Canadian company Intelcan Technosystems. With the latter, we also completed radar installation projects. Currently, we have established cooperation with a French group of companies, operating under the business name of Thales.

In March 2010, we signed a cooperation agreement with a South Korean firm, YouYang. Here, we were able to expand our offer with the installation services of airport navigation lighting.

Technical security systems

Recently, we have been focusing mainly on the provision of design and installation services in the area of technical security devices, including burglar alarms, access control systems, CCTV, fire alarms and fire safety systems with the entire infrastructure of telecommunications and supply networks.

We provide the services of integration of these systems with the use of our major product, i.e. ARGUS RV security management system. We have been developing ARGUS RV in cooperation with Mikronika, based on the advanced hardware and software platform SYNDIS RV. The platform is commonly used for the supervision and control in extensive networks and power stations all over Poland and abroad.

ARGUS RV with CNBOP-PIB certification

In November 2019, ARGUS RV was awarded with CNBOP-PIB certification. We are, thus, licensed to monitor and control the fire safety and fire alarm systems.

At present, we are working on many comprehensive technical security systems and security management systems for our key clients, in particular PSE, PERN (Oil Pipeline Operation Company), Border Guard (Poland) and military units. We continue to improve our CNS Device Monitoring System and to construct radio navigation and radio location facilities for the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency.

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