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Integrated access control within PSIM systems

Integrated access control is a key element in providing security in buildings and critical infrastructure.

Full access control integration

ARGUS PSIM offers full access control integration. Standard integrations involve reading, visualizing and basic control options or, potentially, taking actions based on signals from other systems, such as, e.g., opening passageways upon a fire signal from a fire alarm system. Full integration in the solution we developed also includes the possibility of direct configuration of control units (controllers), and modifying control and user databases via the ARGUS KD module.

Central management

Central management of access to different zones and structures is possible owing to the ARGUS platform. System operators fully control authorizations, access schedule creation and access control user activity monitoring. This enables efficient protection of sensitive areas and effective management of pedestrian traffic within the facility.


Automation is an important element of integrated access control in PSIM systems. The feature of synchronization with other systems, such as visual monitoring or alarm systems, enables a more consistent and effective monitoring and responding to emergency or dangerous situations.

System flexibility and scalability

Furthermore, owing to direct management of access control elements, ARGUS KD offers tangible system flexibility and scalability. The potential expansion of the ACS resulting from critical infrastructure development or changing business needs ensures long-term investment value and the possible adaptation of the system to a dynamically changing environment.

ARGUS KD - information about the system

Multi-platform compatibility

The ARGUS KD system was developed using .Net Core software, which provides multi-platform compatibility. This means that ARGUS KD can be run in a browser or as a desktop application installed on the hard-drive of an operator or administrator station.

User-friendly interface

ARGUS KD has a convenient user interface and is fully compatible with other systems from the ARGUS family. System statuses are visualized in PSIM-class systems – ARGUS 2.0 and ARGUS RV, which also enable control signals to ARGUS KD, enabling control of passages supervised by access control systems. Such passages can be linked with the ARGUS CCTV visualization system. In specific cases, live streams and images from visualization systems linked with the passages can be replayed or displayed live.

Authorization, user and passage management

The system enables creating an enterprise administration tree that facilities managing authorizations, users and passages. Authorizations can be granted and revoked through grouping, which streamlines adding and managing new users. An authorization group is a set of passages that upon assigning to a user enable passing through a door after swiping a card.

Other ARGUS KD features
  • Dynamic authorization assignment enables issuing a card from a pool based on authorizations awarded by the administrator (or any other designated person) within the visit or guest modules.
  • Compatibility with document readers streamlines entering data by the operator.
  • Visit module enables creating and editing planned visits for a single person or third-party employees with a specified date/period and determined access zones. This allows to improve issuing cards to third-party employees.
  • Guest module enables adding or editing third-party employees or guests directly by the guards. Depending on operator authorizations, the module enables issuing cards, adding authorizations or selecting authorizations pre-assigned to employees visiting the facility on a regular basis.
  • Trip module enables handling trips, taking into account checkpoints, which monitor the flow of people (based on, e.g., proximity cards or UHF TAGs in helmets), with an option to inform about the non-passage of a specific participant. The system monitors whether a trip participant is not lost within the facility and does not pose a threat to the facility and him/herself.
  • Depositor module enables cooperation and cross-inspection with key depositors. It visualizes the depositor status, from service information to information on collected keys, remotely released keys or creating schedules for users and keys.
  • Lock module enables advanced operation of locks equipped with barriers, spikes, gates or road blockades. The module also offers guideline-dependent configuration options.


details of ARGUS KD
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