PSIM and SMS integrating systems

We develop PSIM and SMS integrating software

PSIM and SMS integrating software

We are the manufacturer of ARGUS system and owner of the software source code. Thus, we are able to fully adapt the functionalities of a PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) or SMS (Security Management System) platform to the specifics of a facility or the client’s needs.

Full support at any stage of implementation

We fully support our clients at any stage of implementation of ARGUS integrating software, including more advanced PSIM version and not so complex SMS version.

We develop PSIM software for comprehensive management of integrated security systems

Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) is a platform, which enables comprehensive system management within one building (area).

PSIM class ARGUS software underlies the operation and control of a wide range of systems, e.g. security, communication, transport, etc. within one interface.

Integrating system implementation support

Implementation of an integrating system is a vital milestone in the commissioning of the entire security system of a given facility. The process means more than just software installation and troubleshooting.

The process of implementation shall above all take into account all the operative details of various systems, in particular the interferences between the security, communication and automation systems that are being integrated.

SMS - a platform integrating all the security systems

Security Management System (SMS) is a platform integrating all the security systems installed within the premises of a given facility.

Irrespectively of particular solutions, the main task of any SMS is to allow for the facility security management from one location and one application level.