Hardware and software fire safety management platform with PSIM class software

of proprietary software


of integrated systems

A complete integrating system with CNBOP-PIB certification

ARGUS RV-C is a CNBOP-PIB certified integrating system of  ARGUS group (see the certification documents).  It is designed to control fire protection systems and devices in relevant facilities.

ARGUS RV-C is a fire safety management hardware and software platform,   with the software of PSIM class. It guarantees quick and reliable identification and visualisation of threats and fire alarms. It supports fire extinguishing and escape operations and monitors the systems and devices dedicated to ensure safety to people in the event of a fire.

Control of the fire protection devices

ARGUS RV-C system can integrate and control fire protection devices in two ways:

  • programmed control via communication protocols made available by the manufacturers on the network interfaces or via serial communication,
  • hard-wired control via on/off input/output module signals.

Because ARGUS RV-C software comes with all features and full functionalities of ARGUS RV, it can simultaneously integrate all other security systems of respective facilities such as e.g. CCTV, access control system or burglar alarm system.

Maximum digital security

ARGUS RV system is provided with advanced digital security mechanisms, which limit to the maximum the risk of any external interference.

The advanced digital security mechanisms in particular include:

  • encryption,
  • hardening,
  • multi-level structure of securities and validation of security certificates.

Protection of the transmitted data is an important part of any security system. Communication is based on DNP3 and IEC-104 secure protocols and data encryption with the use of a standard TLS protocol.

Owing to additional securities responsive to any fault events, in the form of the backup copies, this system is one of the least susceptible to data loss.

Managing the access rights of the operators

Managing  the access rights of the operators is an element of key importance for the system security.

Functions of the ARGUS RV-C software are available once the operator has prior correctly logged in (by providing their unique ID and password). Access to individual functions is conditioned on the separate rights granted by the system administrator. To limit any possibilities of access by unauthorised persons, the system is provided with embedded functions enforcing a periodical password change in compliance with the password creation rules - minimum length.

All the operations undertaken by an operator are recorded in the event log. This underlies full traceability of the system operation. The traceability is additionally supported with a unique mechanism of the discharge of duties between the operators finishing and starting their work shifts, where the status of completion of duties/operations is registered and visually recorded as at the shift takeover (check-in).

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