We develop PSIM software for comprehensive management of integrated security systems


We recommend the application of PSIM software in:

  • emergency or crisis management centres in large urban agglomerations,
  • industrial plants,
  • military units,
  • airports,
  • public transport entities,
  • logistics parks,
  • healthcare facilities,
  • campus facilities.


PSIM integrating software does not replace respective systems


PSIM integrating software does not replace respective systems but it integrates the technical security systems into one interface.

PSIM software underlies additional options as a result of automatic notifications about identified events, activation of procedures, supervision of the operators’ work and many other.

 We develop customized PSIM software, addressing the needs of particular clients. The customized software takes into account particular preferences and nature of the facility.


What are the advantages of the integration attained via ARGUS software?


Due to the nature of the system work, ARGUS software of PSIM class ensures:

  • high work safety - continuous operation irrespectively of conditions and circumstances,
  • an option of distant work with a variety of systems - many different systems of various manufacturers or integrators usually distributed over a large area,
  • clear and intuitive manner of data presentation on the user graphical interface,
  • full apprehension of the situation status and a uniform security level in all the facilities.
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