SMS - a platform integrating all the security systems


SMS (safety management system) category of systems includes:

  • SSP - fire alarm systems (smoke venting systems, fire extinguishing systems),
  • CCTV - closed-circuit television,
  • SSWiN - burglar alarm systems, in this peripheral security and drone detection,
  • PAS / DSO -  Public Address Systems/sound alarm systems,
  • SKD - access control system, in this safekey cabinets.


Facility security management in one application


At present every manufacturer has their own utility software to configure their own system and their own application to graphically represent the status of devices. However, they are unable to supervise and control the systems of other manufacturers from the application of one particular manufacturer.

This is the reason why SMS systems were conceived - to centrally manage and supervise many systems from one application level. Such applications as ARGUS make such central management and supervision possible.

One graphical interface and the options of connecting various systems underlie the successful attainment of one common goal to ensure high security level in the protected facility.


Consequences of errors in the operation of security systems


Fault signalling in the operation of individual systems is of top importance. Many apparently minor faults are diagnosed only during annual maintenance inspections. This exposes security systems installed in organisations or institutions to abuse.

If, during the maintenance inspections, instead of repairs, system faults are only masked, e.g. by blocking the elements that are out of order, this may result in many dangerous situations. With SMS systems, such situations will be prevented as any faults are immediately detected.

A faulty access control system may cause much nuisance to daily work. Yet, a faulty fire safety system is not just a nuisance but a real threat to life and health of people. Such a fault may also be the reason behind an insurance claim dismissal by an insurance company.

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