high security of buildings and entire facilities

of proprietary software


of integrated systems

is a PSIM software

ARGUS WEB is a version that integrates all ARGUS group security systems, which is dedicated to smaller facilities. It is a software platform of PSIM class, that is why, it can be switched on within one server.

ARGUS WEB can be used in distributed systems as a basic unit for the operation of single or autonomous facilities that can be then connected to the distributed network ARGUS RV.

ARGUS WEB platform is completely produced in Poland.

It is operated through the Internet browser

The WEB version of the user’s interface is operated via standard Internet browsers. There are no limitations concerning the number of clients operating the application, at the same time the multi-level password system allows for precise allocation of access to respective functions.

Collection of data from security systems and data analysis

Like in case of every PSIM platform, collection of data from security systems is of particular importance. After the analysis, the data obtained from the systems is presented on the screens to the operator for verification through the user’s interface.

Data analysis is to identify the factual statuses and to present them according to the priorities allocated to specific types of events. ARGUS WEB software, which integrates the security systems, allows the operator to use standard operating procedures to appropriately respond in relevant situations.

Apart from the data flowing from the extremal systems, the system data, which underlies the generation of reports concerning the completed operations, is also continuously recorded in the event log.

A powerful tool

Comprehensive operation of ARGUS WEB integrating system and an option of independent configuration provide the user with a powerful tool, which facilitates respective operations based on the real time data flowing from each part of the system.

ARGUS WEB software can integrate up to ten systems of different manufacturers, this means that components of the security systems, communication systems, GPS data systems, HVAC data systems etc. can be connected to one interface.

The software reads up to 50 geographical maps, which underlies the suitability of application of ARGUS WEB integrating system even in large building complexes such as military bases, student campuses, hospital areas, airports, maritime ports or large industrial plants.

Smooth close-up of map fragments

Geographical maps in the SVG format allow for smooth close-up of map fragments with no quality impairment. Additionally, depending on the zooming degree of the map, the operator will be able to see more details on his/her screen. The view is always presented in the right decluttering option (e.g. building - room - server cabinet).

Versions of ARGUS WEB integrating system

ARGUS WEB is available in two variants: „stand alone” and SaaS (software as a service).

The „stand alone” version is provided with the software integrating the security systems, including a server with all the necessary elements.

The SaaS version envisages the software for the independent installation and configuration by the installer.

Useful options
that make up an added
value to ARGUS WEB

The following software can be optionally installed to ARGUS WEB application:

  • ARGUS MOBILE for iOS or Android mobile devices: apart from the functionalities that offer the supervision or control options, ARGUS MOBILE software can also be used for the navigation of the user in a given area to a set point indicated on the map,
  • ARGUS CCTV - this module allows for more advanced control of signals from industrial cameras, directly from ARGUS WEB user interface, as well as for displaying images on many screens, tracking the alarm events, playing the recordings, making backup copies etc.
Enhanced protection of transmitted data

The main objective of the majority of the integrated external systems is security. For that reason, the security of the transmitted data is of top priority.

Typically, to get connected with a distant control panel, away from the integration server, the installers connect the communication port of the alarm panel to the serial ports of the server. Next, the signal is connected to the Ethernet.

However, such data transmission is not protected against any external interference. The examples thereof may be: breaking into the network and switching of the stand-by mode of the alarm system in a selected zone.

That is why, all ARGUS versions can be extended with an additional option of File Guards (Encryptors/Decryptors) of communication interfaces (USK-x001). The File Guard software is fully integrated with the ARGUS server software. Communication with the sever is ensured via the Ethernet and the use of a http protocol, secured with a SSL (https) encryption.