integrates security system in distant and distributed locations

of proprietary software


of integrated systems

Integration of security systems in medium and large building facilities

ARGUS RV is a version that integrates all ARGUS group security systems. It is dedicated to the integration of security systems installed in medium and large building facilities.

PSIM class security platform, which guarantees quick and reliable identification of faults, threats and emergencies in the monitored buildings.

The systems support the management of all the operations intended to neutralise adverse effects of events.

All components of ARGUS RV platform are produced in Poland.

Unlimited options
of extension

Installation of ARGUS RV integrating platform software underlies practically unlimited options of extension as regards elements, systems, facilities and number of clients operating the system.

The software integrates all types of security systems marketed by a variety of manufacturers, provided that the manufacturer grants us access to the communications protocol, OPC server or SDK, API programming libraries.

The support of the decision making process

ARGUS RV platform is not just limited to collecting data from the integrated security systems and their visualisation but it has embedded data (events) analysis mechanisms and the mechanisms supporting the decision making process.

Data analysis is to identify factual alarm and warning signals and to present the situations reported by these signals according to the priorities allocated to specific types of events. The software provides the operator with standard operating procedures to manage events and to control the performance of tasks necessary to neutralise respective threats.

Apart from data flowing from the external systems, event log also registers the system data and operations performed by the operators. It enables the software to generate reports to assess the efficiency of the security services liable for the protection of buildings.

Where is ARGUS RV integrating system

ARGUS RV integrating system is installed in large and distributed building facilities, often of significant meaning for the national economy and defence.

ARGUS RV is fully compliant with the requirements of the Defence Standard NO 04-A004:2016 (alarm systems) and can be used for the integration of security systems installed in military facilities.

It can also connect local applications of ARGUS WEB and ARGUS RV into one central security control and monitoring system. 

ARGUS RV platform is an optimum solution for the centres of distant security management, which monitor the security systems of many building facilities located all over the country.

Operation of ARGUS RV integrating system

ARGUS RV, a system integrating security systems, is operated through standard visualisation applications, installed in PCs.

These applications ensure a maximum level of security owing to the available hardware and software options. Operation through the Internet browser is possible with the use of an additional www server.

Smooth change of  the image scale

Application of the vector graphics allows for smooth scaling of the images with the use of the scroll mouse (see the film). The change of scale may result in automatically switching maps of various degree of detailing.

This is of particular importance in maps of large areas monitored or in digital maps with the use of the GPS system for the location tracking of people and vehicles.

Advanced security mechanisms of ARGUS RV system

ARGUS RV system is provided with advanced digital security mechanisms, which limit the risk of any external interference to the minimum. Additional securities of any fault events, such as e.g. backups, make ARGUS RV one of the most robust applications as regards serious faults resulting in the loss of data.

Reliability of ARGUS RV

Reliability of the operation of the integrating system is particularly important in the protection of facilities with critical infrastructure and in the protection of distributed network facilities characterised with increased risk of communication loss with the monitored security systems.

Owing to the embedded auto-control mechanisms, ARGUS RV software is highly reliable, stable and faultless. The reliability of ARGUS RV can be increased via the application of redundant server architecture and communication connections.

To protect the system against the data loss in the event of the loss of communication, we use local interface hubs (UGD-001). The hubs intermediate in the transmission of the monitoring and control signals between the supervision and control devices and one or several servers and store the data of any events in the data buffer for each server independently.

An UGD-001 hub operates based on a specialised computer with Linux or Windows operating system. The system software is fully integrated with the ARGUS system. Communication with the sever is ensured via the Ethernet and the use of a http protocol, secured with a SSL (https) protocol.

The hub application software underlies the control of local algorithms and the interaction between the monitored systems and devices without any intermediation of servers.

High security of data transmission

The security of the transmitted data is ensured via data encryption.

Apart from the encryption of system communication between respective devices of ARGUS RV platform, encryption of data on the Ethernet communication links with control panels is equally important.

Transmission of data in the Ethernet, based on open communication protocols, is exposed to a possible external interference. The examples thereof may be: breaking into the network and switching of the stand-by mode of the alarm system in a selected zone.

To efficiently secure data transmitted between the control panels and the integrating system, all ARGUS versions offer an additional option of the application of File Guards (Encryptors/Decryptors) of communication interfaces (USK-x002), which can also serve as serial port converters into the Ethernet.

The File Guard is installed in the housing of a control panel and is supplied with 12VDC from the panel supply source.

The File Guard software is fully integrated with the ARGUS server software. Communication with the sever is ensured via the Ethernet and the use of a JSON protocol, secured with SSL encryption.