Integration and security management

We are a supplier of integrating applications and dedicated applications for supervision centres and security management centres.

We have own equipment and software solutions of security management system of PSIM class (Physical Security Information Management):

All you need in one place

  • The software supporting and supervising the operation of security procedures, the course of rescue actions and the management of information on the resources of facility security services.
  • Full integration of any subsystems and devices of different manufacturers on the basis of communication protocols
  • The possibility of fast adaptation of the integrated security systems to specific facility conditions and individual customer’s requirements
  • The execution of SCADA functionality for BMS (Building Management System) installation and industrial automation

Proven solutions

We have a fully equipped implementation and training centre where designed facility solutions can be tested before their implementation. The software is tested, among others, in the scope of cyber-security.

Tailored to your needs

Thanks to the application of proprietary solutions we are able to perform any modification and extension of the systems, thanks to which we can offer a solution which is tailored to the customer’s needs.

Please contact us in order to receive an offer.

Control and supervision systems

We provide comprehensive solutions in the field of supervision and control systems for industrial facilities, power stations and telecommunications facilities.

We use SCADA software based on SYNDIS RV, ARGUS RV and ARGUS WEB systems.

We enable the combination of visualization and control of technological installations with the integration of technical protections on supervised facilities.

We have many years of experience in the implementation of remote supervision centres for organizations that manage many facilities located on the territory of the whole country.

ICT and supply systems

Our offer includes the execution of comprehensive solutions in the area of IT systems, dedicated especially for the integration of technical protection systems and the computer control and supervision systems.

The execution includes:

  • The supply of ICT cabinets which are fully equipped with server, communication and supply devices.
  • Solutions with full redundancy of all elements, including the servers operating in the hot back-up system or in the cluster with the joint disc matrix.
  • Equipping the operator room using large format visualisations on graphical walls.

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