The company started to operate in 1987. Due to the growing demand on the telecommunications market, we designed and performed tasks in the area of telecommunications for a number of years.

The limited liability company was transformed into a joint-stock company, which was the confirmation of its market position.

Yet another step confirming continuous development is obtaining ISO 9001 certificate in 1999. Since we noted that the telecommunications market was saturated, in 2000 we obtained the Concession from the Ministry of the Interior and the Administration for conducting business activity in the area of property protection, realized in the form of technical protection.

In order to be able to implement more demanding projects, we obtained the NATO Commercial and Governmental Entity Code in 2003, and in 2007 we obtained the 2nd degree Facility Security Clearance.

Aiming at the satisfaction of expectations and requirements of our customers, we initiated works on the adaptation of the ISO quality system to NATO requirements.

In 2008 we received AQAP 2110 certificate. In the following years we obtained the concession for the production and marketing of materials intended for military and police use.

In 2012 we obtained full classified information protection capacity designated with the Secret clause. This capacity is confirmed by 1st degree Facility Security Clearance.

In 2017 we obtained 1st degree Facility Security Clearance confirming full classified information protection capacity designated with the NATO SECRET and EU SECRET clause.

Until today we have implemented a number of projects in the scope of supervision systems, protection systems, automation and IT.

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